Clean Agent fire extinguisher contain gas which is effective
in combating fires either by reducing heat or reducing Oxygen or
inhibiting chain reaction of these two components. These extinguishers
effectively combat fires involving solid materials, flammable liquids, gases
& electrically energized equipments i.e class A, B & C. Clean agent is
electrically non-conductive & non-corrosive. It has zero ODP & doesn’t
leave any residue after discharge hence no costly cleanup required.
Because of their unique qualities. Clean Agent extinguisher often
find use at Server room, Data centre, Process control room, Healthcare,
Laboratories, Bank Vault etc. where powder or water can be more
disastrous than fire. Clean Agent fire extinguishers are available
in different sizes viz. 1 kg., 2 kg., 4 kg., 6 kg. & 9 kg.

Clean Agent- 4 kg Capacity