Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are useful to combat fires
involving flammable liquids, gases & electrically energized
equipments i.e class B & C. CO2 is a non-conductive and non-corrosive
agent which reduces the oxygen available to support the fire. There
are some places where powder or water can be more disastrous than
fire such as Server rooms, Electrical panel rooms, Sub stations,
Transformers, sophisticated electronic equipments, kitchens etc.
Extinguishers with gross weight above 17 kg are provided with trolley
for easy movement. As these extinguishers contain pure CO2 gas &
leave nothing more than little moisture there is no need of post
operation clean up.
These are available in various sizes viz. 2 kg., 3 kg., 4.5 kg., 6.8 kg,
9 kg. & 22.5 kg.

CO2 Type- 4.5Kg Capacity

CO2 Type- 2 Kg Capacity